Aluminium electrolytic capacitors are used in applications for which film capacitors are not suitable for reasons of space and/or cost. Polarised electrolytic capacitors which have the most compact design and are therefore used for very high capacities (e.g. for the voltage supply of amplifiers)can not transfer any audio signal because audio signals are AC signals.
The bipolar electrolytic capacitors of the ECap AC · Audio Coupling & Signal Cap PLAIN series are made of smooth and thus low loss foils. This has a positive effect on the sound characteristics. Music is reproduced in more details and nuances.
Bipolar electrolytic capacitors such as the ECap AC series have a second aluminium foil providing AC voltage resistance and thus making them suitable for music signals. Further special features of all ECap AC capacitors:
Capacity range: 1μF to 200μF
Electric strenth: AC23 DC35· AC35 DC50· AC50 DC70
Temperature range: -40°C/ -40°F to 85°C/+185°F
Service life: [UR · R~] 5000 hours at +85°C/+185°F
Loss angle: tan ∂ = 0.025@1kHz