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Power capacitors are used to provide the power stages with enough energy for dynamic bass signals. All Mpower capacitors are high-quality German products. They are made with state-of-the-art technologies such as laser-welding and 12-point winding contacts for extremely low internal resistance and minimum inductance. These are the parameters that determine how quickly a capacitor can deliver its stored energy, and alongside capacitance they are the most important specifications. We stock capacitors with a capacitance of 1.0 and 1.5 farads (approx. 1 farad per 1,000 watts of music output). The power capacitors of the SC6 and SC6v series also have integrated circuitry that provides protection against reverse polarity. (Reverse polarity connection destroys capacitors and the hot electrolyte that leaks out can cause expensive damage or injury.) The circuitry also controls the charging process. Hi-End caps for a Hi-End system.

Product Description Unit Price
PCC68L Head Cap/68,000mF 1,950.00
PCC68 HeadCap/68,000 mF/ISO Plugs 2,950.00
SC8 Head Cap/ISO Plugs/Protection Cikrcuit 4,950.00
PCC1000 PowerCap/1.0 farad 7,450.00
PCC1500 PowerCap/1.5 Farad 9,950.00
SC61000R PowerCap/1.0 Farad/protection Circuit/Red Volt Meter 11,500.00
Crossover network
crossover network

Since 1985 Mundorf dellvers crossover network and
crossover network compoments for highest demands all over the world.
Our universal crossover networks offer the car audio enthuslast the possibility to arrang own loudspeaker combinations.
At a sultable choice of the cut-off frequencies and in combination with our level controls for the volume adjustment of the individual chassis,it is possible to achieve very good results.

Crossover Network
Product Description Unit Price
MX2-2 2-Way universal X-Over Network / 4 Ohms/2000Hz> ԡԵ
MX2-3 2-Way universal X-Over Network / 4 Ohms/3000Hz ԡԵ
MX2-4 2-Way universal X-Over Network / 4 Ohms/4000Hz ԡԵ
MX3-1 3-Way universal X-Over Network / 4 Ohms/450/4500Hz ԡԵ
MX3-2 3-Way universal X-Over Network / 4 Ohms/800/4500Hz ԡԵ
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